Meet Jen Mangrum for NC Public Education

Jen's Story

Jen loves her district and community.  She volunteers for ARC, an organization that advocates on behalf of those with developmental and intellectual disabilities, Hooked on Books which provides home libraries for students in high poverty schools, and serves on the Board of the National Paideia Center.  Jen is an active member of St. Francis Church in Greensboro.

About Jen

Issues Facing North Carolina

North Carolina is in the hands of legislators who are not responsive to the citizens.  The most critical issues facing our state are support for public education, access to healthcare, good jobs, fair elections and protection for our environment.  Jen will listen to the citizens of her district to hear and respond to their needs and concerns.


Jen's Vision for North Carolina

Jen’s vision includes access and equity of educational opportunities that lead to a stronger, more skilled workforce, which in turn provides economic development to the area. Increasing our economic development means more opportunity for small business and creative entrepreneurship. Let’s build on our strengths in both natural and human resources!

Jen’s Vision for NC

Jen Mangrum on the Issues Facing North Carolina

Economic Development

The people in rural districts, like Jen Mangrum, want their families to enjoy a thriving community, a strong downtown district, and the amenities necessary to work and learn there. Jen wants to represent our district as a voice in the budget process and building a strong relationship with the businesses and industries in her district.

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    Medicaid expansion helps everyone in NC

Healthcare Access

Jen believes ALL our citizens need access to healthcare and those who already have insurance need for it to be affordable. Almost 500,000 North Carolinians have no access to healthcare because Jen’s opponent, Phil Berger, blocked expansion of  Medicaid that provides care for low-income & disabled people. Help Jen change that!

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    is a great investment in our state


As an expert in effective instruction, Jen would like to see teachers rewarded for encouraging more rigorous and engaging classroom instruction such as engineering, student centered projects, problem-based learning and active dialogue.

Be a Jen Mangrum Volunteer!

If you’ve been looking for a way to help OUR state, WE need you!  Don’t fret if you’ve never volunteered on a campaign before.  WE help each other and lift one another up!  WE can make a difference when WE work together.  WE GOT THIS!