Meet Jen Mangrum for NC Superintendent

Dr. Jen Mangrum has been involved in public schools since 1970. Jen and her siblings attended public schools K-12, and Jen went on to graduate from three public universities in North Carolina. Jen worked in public schools in both Onslow & Guilford County for 14 years and has been on the faculty of two North Carolina universities. Jen’s eldest daughter graduated from NCSU in 2016 and received her MFA from UNCSA in 2019. Jen’s youngest is a sophomore at NCSU. For Jen and her family, North Carolina public schools are the best choice!

More About Jen

How can I help Jen defeat Johnson?

Jen’s team needs YOU! We know everyone has a different skill set, social network, and schedule. That’s why this survey is designed to personalize your volunteer experience. It is very important to us that all of our supporters, casual or not, are knowledgeable about what our campaign needs to drum up two million votes and effectively end Mark Johnson’s reign. Yes, we need money. Yes, we need canvassers. But we also need other kinds of support, so keep an open mind and complete the survey!

2020 is approaching rapidly. Are we a society that values future generations enough to change the status quo? Jen believes we are. Do you?