The POWER of WE!

Jen Mangrum decided to do her part in bringing change to North Carolina because she knew she wasn’t alone.  From Murphy to Manteo, North Carolina citizens are rising up and becoming part of the democratic process. If you’ve been looking for a way to help OUR state, WE need you!

Don’t fret if you’ve never volunteered on a campaign before.  WE help each other and lift one another up!  WE need volunteers to pass out information about Jen, knock on doors, make calls, donate, encourage others to donate, drive people to the polls, organize your precinct, inform your neighbors, write letters to the local paper, put up yard signs, register others to vote, alert others about the opponent, send Jen an encouraging email, post/tweet/Instagram Jen’s website URL on social media, thank a teacher, look for opportunities to encourage entrepreneurs to come to our community or share your talent!  WE can make a difference when WE work together! WE GOT THIS!

Volunteer to Elect Jennifer Mangrum