Rockingham County


Jen asked economic developers: What does it take to bring growth to our rural counties? The first response was a career ready workforce strengthened by a more communicative partnership and leadership that understands the role of education at both the K-12 level and post high school options.  Jen Mangrum is ready to solidify these partnerships and provide state resources that are needed to create a workforce ready population that serves as a model for the rest of the state.

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Almost 11% of our citizens have no health insurance. Jen believes all our citizens deserve access to healthcare and those who already have insurance need for it to be affordable. About 500,000 North Carolinians have no access to healthcare because our Senator in Raleigh blocked expansion of Medicaid that would have provided care for people who are low-income and disabled. Most recipients of Medicaid (60%) are working and have full time jobs. The rest are disabled, are caregivers, or are in school. In addition, not expanding Medicaid hurt our hospitals and has contributed to their bankruptcy.  Jen Mangrum believes it’s common sense to expand coverage in North Carolina.

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Jen Mangrum supports education in North Carolina


As an expert in effective instruction, Jen would like to see teachers rewarded for encouraging more rigorous, engaging and innovative classroom instruction such as engineering, student centered projects, problem-based learning and active dialogue. She wants the General Assembly to align the resources and education mandates with our North Carolina values.

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Are you registered to vote in North Carolina?


The deadline to register to vote in North Carolina is 25 days before the date of an election. The voter registration application must be received by the applicant’s county boards of elections by this date. Find out if you are registered and where you vote!